Georgie’s Diner was built in 1956 in New Rochelle, New York. After a stop in Stratford, Connecticut, the diner was moved to its current location in 1967. Through the decades, the diner has been fortunate to survive a fire, the Armstrong tire factory closing and several economic recessions. George Anthis, was one of its many operators, but more importantly, he was the man who completed its restoration in 2009. 

Our food philosophy has always been that we try to be “the place for everyone”. Never before did that statement seem as important as it does now. Our mission today is to provide fresh, delicious, nutritious food and safe options for those with dietary restrictions. The menu changes each season, with a focus on eliminating processed ingredients and replacing them with natural alternatives. Please know that we research the origin of our groceries, and have banned food items produced in certain countries that have had issues with food standards. At every opportunity, we strive to purchase the best quality ingredients available. The kitchen staff is trained and monitored to ensure our vegan and gluten free dishes are not compromised. 

We are very focused on food,but our motivation has always been our relationships. Our guests, our staff, and our community are why we do what we do. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and look forward to evolving in the future, so that we may continue to be “the place for you”.